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10 Must-Try Marketing Ideas for your Roofing Company

It gets difficult to decide with the next steps when you are starting with a Roofing company. If you have excellent contact with the roofing contractor or if you are a roofing contractor, it gets easy to get the roofing projects from the clients and to think of few more tactics to get yourself roofing jobs. You must focus on some activities to build a strong and positive reputation for long run and success. If proper marketing techniques are followed, it would not be surprising if you would have your phone ringing all the time with the contracts of various projects, roof replacement, inspection, and roof repair jobs. The yellow pages and newspaper would not bring business to you anymore, but only the taking over the roofing business by yourself would help you with the growth.

Some tips for growing the roofing business

Get Customer- Ready Online

Most of the users are moving online, and therefore you must consider moving the business modules online. It is more convenient for the users to search for the companies online with all the reviews and ratings, it becomes reliable for them to trust the company. Hence, you must be ready for the costumes over the internet with proper content and website.


Dominate your roofing searches

Prepare your website as per search engine as just developing an official website is not enough; it must reach out to the public. SEO is the best option to get your site on the higher ranking on a search engine with proper keywords and other SEO techniques.

Fill out your Local Profile

Some users even search for the companies on local websites like Yelp. You must be assured that the local profiles are filled out. You must also add the link to your site to give away a better lookout.

Show off your roof work portfolio

The customers get carried away after seeing the excellent work of the company and hence is suggested to upload your previous work to set the grounds of the standards you own.


Get real Reviews

You must know what particularly you being liked for and what is the factor that is cutting your edge short. This would help you, improve your working patterns. For this, you must be open to real reviews.

Offer free roof estimates and inspections for new clients

One-time deal often hooks the conscious of the client and forms a personal bond for the customer. This fosters a good image in the costumer’s mind and would make your thought linger in their minds whenever they would need a roofer!

Send Direct Mails

Remarketing and social advertising

Network Locally

Sponsor Local events.

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